cookiecutter-research-template (2018-2019)

Cookiecutter is a tool to quickly generate project templates of any kind. This template for reproducible research is based on Gaudecker's template for reproducible economic research enhanced with some useful tools from software engineering to help newcomers to write better Python code.

Time Series (2018)

This project comprises the content of a time series analysis course. There is a theoretical section and problems sets with implementations in Julia. If you want to give it a try yourself, you can follow the Binder badges where you can code online in your browser without installing Julia on your system.

Identification Strategies for Software Patents (2015 - 2018)

This project deals with the identification of software patents and combines multiple approaches from simple algorithms (see Bessen and Hunt (2007)) to novel machine learning models to achieve its goal.

The origin of this project was a Bachelor's thesis, but now the main purpose is to be a playground for machine learning techniques and deep learning with textual data.

oTree Virtual Machine Manager (2017 - 2018)

This tool is designed to handle many administrative tasks on a server with multiple running oTree instances. In addition to that, a collection of virtual machine images are provided based on the host's performance and administrator's needs.

Malleability of Locus of Control (2017)

This research project is concerned with a person's Locus of Control which is the degree to which people believe that they have control over the outcome of events in their lives. We use the GSOEP (German Socio-Economic Panel) from 2005-2015 and estimate in a difference-and-difference design the changes in Locus of Control due to potentially exogenous and negative events like the death of a close relative. The reasoning is that sudden, negative events raise the salience of lack of power which might push the individual towards a more external Locus of Control. External in contrast to internal Locus of Control means that the individual believes outcomes cannot be controlled by the individual whereas internal means the opposite.

Cryptocurrency Market Prediction (2017)

The project is about market prediction in cryptocurrency markets like Potcoin and was developed during a programming class for economists which focused on the embedding of the research project in a Waf framework. Waf is an automation tool for software design.


James Bessen and Robert M Hunt. An empirical look at software patents. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 16(1):157–189, 2007. doi:10.1111/j.1530-9134.2007.00136.x.